3 Things to think about BEFORE Having your Custom Patio Built

Posted on Monday, April 17 2017 in Alex’s Construction News

For years, in the Oklahoma City area, a patio has not really been considered an extension of the home but rather just a nice addition for the backyard. Because of this, patio construction has mostly been standardized, being constructed of wood or paver stones with a preset design based upon the shape of the home and location of the patio. Unfortunately, this mindset has created some eyesores for patio construction. However, home remodeling companies, such as Alex’s Construction Service, are bringing a level of elegance and craftsmanship into the concrete patio construction. This takes the chunky old patio and transforms it into a true extension of your home; essentially creating an outdoor living space.

In order to make sure that your custom concrete patio blends to the look of your home, adds functionality and value to your Oklahoma City home, here are a few things to think about before having Alex’s Construction Service create for you a custom built concrete patio.

Get Some Inspiration!

People in the Oklahoma City area are visual, I mean look at the gorgeous area that we live in; it makes you want to go out for a Sunday drive every day of the week. When considering having a custom concrete patio constructed by the craftsman at Alex’s Construction Service, look for different ways to get inspired. Take a drive through some neighborhoods, see what others have done for their Oklahoma City patio concrete. Choose different neighborhoods that perhaps present a particular style that you may be looking for such as: traditional or modern. Check out Google images with keywords like “creative patio ideas”. Find out what looks great: to you! Style and taste should play heavily into the final product as your custom concrete patio, built by Alex’s Construction Service, will last for many years to come.

Get into “the Style and Design”

When a custom concrete patio becomes an extension of your style and taste, it should be treated like a room in your home. This is why Alex’s Construction Service will ask engaging questions as to the functionality and style of your custom concrete patio. Is the primary use of your concrete patio for relaxation? Outdoor grilling for the family? Entertaining large number of guests? Stamped concrete, stained concrete? These questions and more allow Alex’s Construction Service to craft a design that will make your custom concrete patio a functional part of your Oklahoma City area home.

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Adding personality your Custom Concrete Patio

Part of a good custom patio design is that the design is not so specific as to remove individuality of the owner after the project is complete. Having a custom concrete patio that looks fantastic is only part of the overall appeal; adding decorations, concrete flowers, lighting and furniture takes your custom patio and makes it unique and personal to the homeowner. Having the concrete patio design be neutral enough to allow for changing the style occasionally is where Alex’s Construction Service really earns their reputation. This delicate balance between the craftsmanship of the custom concrete patio and the individuality of the homeowner brings about a complete transformative experience that makes this custom concrete patio as versatile as your any other room in your home.

Time Honored Workmanship

Alex’s Construction Service utilizes the time honored workmanship that has become rare for custom concrete patios in the Oklahoma City area. This complete service mindset allows us to bring the value and integrity into crafting a true outdoor living experience for your Oklahoma City home.

With many concrete patio construction companies in the Oklahoma City area desiring to do nothing more than just assembling concrete paving stones together to create a functional area on the back of the home, you will agree that it lacks the elegance of an creative outdoor living area and the functionality to be a true extension of your home. Alex’s Construction Service combines form and function to craft a custom concrete patio that will truly be an extension of your Oklahoma City area home.