Benefits of Retaining or Retention walls in the Oklahoma City area

Posted on Saturday, December 2 2017 in Concrete Projects Gravity retaining wall- retaining wall services to the Oklahoma City areaRetaining or retention walls are widely used in the hardscape and construction industry to solve many practical and aesthetic issues associated with erosion or property development in the Oklahoma City area. Having many practical and aesthetic … Read more

The Importance of Chores in Oklahoma City

Just about every business owner in the Oklahoma City area will tell you that one of the greatest frustrations and challenges that are faced in day-to-day operations is hiring quality personnel. Trying to find someone that has a specific skill set for this type of business is difficult; being that it takes years of training, … Read more

Concrete Projects

Oklahoma City – Should I resurface, repair or replace my concrete driveway? Posted on Friday, December 15 2017 in Concrete Projects Concrete is an extraordinary material; it’s durable, affordable and very versatile. With a little creativity concrete can be made into driveways, sidewalks, statues, floors, mailboxes and more; it can even be colored, stamped and … Read more

For Variety in Your Landscape – Try Paver Stones

Posted on Saturday, October 28 2017 in Patios Looking for options to create the perfect outdoor living experience for your Oklahoma City area home? Paver stones are a great way to add variety and personal style to the different elements of your landscape. Especially when considering the different variables that go into a well designed … Read more

How Much Should a Professional Concrete Construction Service Charge?

Posted on Saturday, October 21 2017 in Money Saving Tips The old adage of “You get what you pay for” perhaps was perfectly coined for professional Concrete Construction services. Of any, in the service industry, that this might hold true for; Concrete Construction services perhaps fits this adage the best. As we have previously mentioned, … Read more

The Growing Influence of Millennials in the Construction Industry

Posted on Wednesday, September 27 2017 in Alex’s Construction News Professional construction companies in the Oklahoma City area such as Alex’s Construction who specialize in driveways, patios, concrete staining and retaining walls are keenly aware of the growing influence of Millennials in the home-improvement market. With this group representing nearly 50% of the homebuying power … Read more

What to Do After A Storm in Oklahoma City

Posted on Monday, September 4 2017 in Alex’s Construction News In light of the recent traumatic weather events documented throughout the southern United States as well as the Oklahoma City area’s reputation for severe weather events we want to provide a little information that may be helpful to you when preparing for severe weather. According … Read more