Choosing Concrete VS. Pavers – Oklahoma City

When looking for the perfect backyard landscape for your Oklahoma City home, material selections are very important. The look, theme and style of the landscape naturally plays a large part in this decision-making process, using the proper materials can help bring set the tone and look for the landscape. Alex’s Construction Service has been providing concrete and paver services to the Oklahoma City area for years, this article showcase the pros and cons of concrete vs. pavers.

Determine the look that you’re going for, not the price

When making a side-by-side comparison of concrete and interlocking pavers it is wise to point out that both have a great look when correctly installed and both can have equal disappointment if not properly installed. Both material options can define the boundary of your Oklahoma City yard and naturally; have their own specific installation costs and process.

If you are more interested in matching the look, theme and style of the landscape that you are improving; don’t just look the price, consider the outcome. When evaluating the price, you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each rather than just how they will look.

Concrete: the versatile, affordable option

Concrete offers many finish options for your Oklahoma City home. Starting with the basic gray, which is the least expensive and easiest to obtain of the two options. Concrete can be crafted to have the desired texture with stamping, a broom or salt. These texturing techniques allow concrete to take on many different forms. Adding color to the concrete mix can make concrete a versatile option for many applications. When adding stamping textures to look like flagstone, cobblestone, slate or even wood grain finishes it can make your Oklahoma City patio area look very custom and unique.

Proper concrete preparation is a must

Proper preparation is necessary to help keep your concrete looking great. Concrete will, over a period of time, crack; this is the nature of concrete. By proper compaction and the addition of rebar or mesh you can extend the life of concrete by many years. Using better quality concrete material will also help to reduce cracks that appear over time. Proper sealants are a necessary part of proper concrete preparation to help reduce the chance of cracking as well as preserve the integrity of colored concrete.

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Concrete Stamping services to the Oklahoma City areaInterlocking pavers: the next level

Interlocking pavers are a great way to add a high-end appearance and great textured feel for your landscaping project. For many years interlocking pavers were often too expensive for most projects, which is no longer the case. Recently the price has been coming down for interlocking pavers making them an affordable choice. Interlocking typically offer a 25 year manufacturer guarantee (on average) and are designed not to crack like concrete often will. When properly installed interlocking pavers shift with the ground so they don’t crack as easily as concrete does. Pavers can cost anywhere from 25% -60% more than concrete, depending on the job.

Proper Paver Preparation

Just like concrete, proper preparation is key. Preparation methods like grading, soil compaction are necessary for the paver installation to last for many years. Once the pavers are installed, using a special type of sand, swept in-between the joint lines makes for a finished look when compacted. Sealant will also protect the color finish of the pavers to help preserve the colors.

Time Honored Craftsmanship

Alex’s Construction Service is different than other local construction companies that you’ll find in the Oklahoma City area. We do not lean to the quick in, quick out build mindset that many hardscape and landscape companies have; we believe in time honored craftsmanship. One of the areas that perhaps sets us apart is the fact that all our services are performed by our own in-house craftsmen rather than hiring multiple contractors to accomplish the project. This allows us to control the quality, avoiding blame games if the project is not exactly what the customer wants.