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    Searching for the Best Concrete Resurfacing Service in Oklahoma City OK?

    Search is over for concrete services in Oklahoma City OK

    So many looking for a quality Concrete Resurfacing Service go to Google or even the phone book; and immediately become overwhelmed with so many concrete contractor choices. Which is the right one? Which one has a local reputation for top quality work? Which one has all the proper licenses and insurance for the Oklahoma City OK area? Which one offers a warranty on their workmanship? Which ones actually live and work in this area?

    Naturally, Alex’s Construction Service meets and even exceeds these important criteria and more! We use only the highest quality materials combined with time honored craftsmanship.

    We understand home improvements like Concrete Resurfacing projects may not always be in your plans. Because of this, our Service can assist you with a variety of projects. Furthermore, our owner — not a haggling salesman — makes all of our project estimates. Our locally owned and operated service strives to provide you with expert services at a honest, fair price.

    Driveway Repair - Oklahoma City OK

    Our Service Professionals Provide Concrete Resurfacing Services and More

    Retaining Wall - Oklahoma City OK

    As a top concrete contractor we provide many different services. As a full service concrete and home remodeling professionals we strive to deliver the best customer service and time honored craftsmanship. Some of our services include:

    • All Types of Concrete Work
    • Decorative Concrete
    • Retaining Walls
    • Fencing
    • French Drains Installs

    In addition we also specialize in the installation or replacement of driveways, patios, walkways, stamped & stained concrete and more! We work hard for every review and welcome the comments from our customers.

    With nearly 20 years of experience with Concrete Resurfacing, the professionals at Alex’s Construction Service have completed numerous projects. We know people and we know home improvement. Our experts will work with you to meet your unique home remodeling and update/repair needs. Contact our Service today with any questions! Ask about a free estimate from our owner.

    About Our Concrete Resurfacing Service in Oklahoma City OK

    Alex’s Construction Service is a family owned and operated Service in Oklahoma City OK. Because to this, we understand the features that make this area so unique, helping us better serve you. We appreciate every customer that has trusted us for over 20 years! Fast moving fly by night companies that blow through do not understand the climate, soil and mix needs required for long lasting results. We often are called out for repair cracks and failures from those other contractors that simply were “the lowest bidder.” We always and only use top quality materials and local, time honored methods to help ensure that your project lasts for many years to come! Whenever possible, we use local materials to complete our projects. It is important to us to support other local businesses!

    Outstanding customer service isn’t just something we do, it is also at the core of who we are. We work hard for every review and welcome the comments from our customers. Our reputation as a Concrete Resurfacing Service and your satisfaction are both very important to us.

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    Why Having Local Experience with Concrete Resurfacing Makes the Difference

    Oklahoma City OK has some unique terrain, soil and climate conditions. This requires a specific level of understanding so that the Service project can be done correctly. We have researched, refined and perfected or methods over the thousands of projects we have completed. As each of the conditions have changed over the tears, we modify our methods as well. Contact Us Today!

    Each Concrete Resurfacing project is different and a little unique based on the slope, pitch and makeup of the ground it sits on. Our team carefully selects trained local craftsmen from the area to work on our projects. We prefer this over general labor, making us your premier choice for local Concrete Resurfacing Service.

    Stained Concrete - Oklahoma City OK

    The Concrete Resurfacing Service Near Oklahoma City OK You Can Trust

    We pride ourselves on providing expert Concrete Resurfacing you can rely on. However, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. We encourage you to check out reviews and testimonials from our valued customers. We know people and we know home improvement. We know you have to earn respect and a good reputation. In other words, we prioritize good customer relationships. Your satisfaction is critical to us. We are fortunate to have many repeat customers and may customers who refer us to their family and friends. Contact Us Today! Alex’s Construction Service is a bonded, insured, and licensed Service. Plus we are certified on HomeAdvisor.

    Home Advisor Badge - Oklahoma City OK

    Patio Repair - Oklahoma City OK

    What to Expect from Concrete Resurfacing with Alex’s Construction Service

    When you choose to work with Alex’s Construction Service, you expect to work with a locally owned and operated business. For over 20 years we have sought to provide the very best in customer satisfaction.

    You are also expect to be working with a small business that makes it a priority to utilize local resources as much as possible. Contact Alexs Construction today at (405) 496-0161 to Schedule You additionally can expect to work with a contractor that makes customer satisfaction and integrity a TOP priority.

    You can expect your Concrete Resurfacing Service to begin with an estimate by the owner. Alex Gutierrez’s years of industry leading experience comes into play to ensure you receive the lowest possible cost for the highest quality workmanship. We work hard for every review and welcome the comments from our customers. Additionally you can expect our project manager to meet with you to outline the Service project. You can expect our Concrete Resurfacing experts to make sure there are NO surprises throughout the process. Contact Us Today! We want your concrete project to be as stress-free as possible!

    Learn More About Concrete Resurfacing Service in Oklahoma City OK

    When it comes to your home, Alex’s Construction understands that it can feel overwhelming to deal with a large a construction project. However, Alex’s Construction Service really is here to help you! We know people and we know home improvement. We love our job, and it shows; in every project we offer! Contact us today with any questions you may have, our professionals here and ready to provide you with reliable expert services.

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