For Variety in Your Landscape – Try Paver Stones

Posted on Saturday, October 28 2017 in Patios

Mason worker making sidewalk pavement with stone blocks

Looking for options to create the perfect outdoor living experience for your Oklahoma City area home? Paver stones are a great way to add variety and personal style to the different elements of your landscape. Especially when considering the different variables that go into a well designed landscape: slope, climate, cost and use; paver stones get a great big checkmark in all of these categories. Let’s look at different ways to utilize paver stones for your Oklahoma City area home.

Get Creative

Paver stones offer a wide variety of materials, sizes, colors, textures and styles making them one of the most versatile materials to use for your Oklahoma City area home’s landscape. Not sure how to position them? Then don’t! Consider a random pattern of varying shapes and sizes.

Rectangles, squares, circles… you decide (or rather don’t) how the pavers will be positioned, maybe even just randomly toss them and let the pattern form itself. Naturally as part of a professional installation, the proper fill material would be utilized to make sure that the paver pattern is, after all, durable; lasting for many years to come.

Create a Little Getaway

With some larger Oklahoma City area homes the size of the yard allows for the creation of a little getaway in the corner. This quiet little spot could easily become the centerpiece with a nice fire pit and seating area for entertaining guests; surrounded by stone pavers of river rock providing a peaceful, nature inspired foundation. Close off your corner getaway with some hedges for a little privacy with a nice randomly placed river rock walkway leading up to an arched vine entrance.
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Blending the Yard to the Patio

For those Oklahoma City area homes that already have a well-established patio area, perhaps with a nice fireplace and seating area; use concrete pavers of variant sizes to blend the yard up to the edge of the patio. This transitional fade effect allows for a dimensional view without the stark contrast of concrete next to grass.

This will also make the area around your patio more usable if the grass is a little soggy from a recent rain.

An Outdoor Living Experience

By utilizing the right paver materials for your application such as stone, concrete, wood, river rock or brick and then choosing the correct fill material such as grass, sand, pebbles or concrete grout; you can easily see how pavers can create a natural and attractive foundation for an outdoor living experience for your Oklahoma City area home.

Consider using more solid, compacted material combinations such as river stones and concrete grout for an outdoor living room with a sweeping cloth gazebo for relaxing afternoon getaway. With a quick rearrange of the furniture it can become a gathering area for the larger get-togethers for friends and families.

Options Only Limited by your Imagination

Alex’s Construction Company specializes in the design and construction of paver patio arrangements. With their unique experience utilizing multiple types of materials they have been able to achieve many different designs to please their many customers that they have served over the years.

Whether you’re looking for a modern inspired patio, visual interest placements into your landscape, marking a path, creating outdoor flooring or adding an interesting element to around the pool of your Oklahoma City area home; Alex’s Construction Company is your first and best choice to achieve your desired look at an affordable price.

Alex’s Construction Company workmanship, a Time Honored Tradition.

There are so many concrete construction contractors in the Oklahoma City marketplace today that are not craftsmen, but more of an assembler. There handyman services can assemble store-bought materials and give the initial presentation of workmanship, but the true level of craftsmanship has not been demonstrated.

Being able to create something beautiful from a a few bags of concrete with no instructions; is a level of craftsmanship seldom seen today. Alex’s Construction Company is pleased to have top-quality craftsmen and masonry experts that can take a vision of elegance and make it a reality.

This time honored tradition of hand tooled craftsmanship will not only give your construction company project a unique presentation but will also outlast any store-bought product.