Gravity Retaining Wall Construction in Oklahoma City

Posted on Tuesday, February 28 2017 in Concrete Projects

Of the many different types of retaining walls that are seen in Oklahoma City, the gravity style retaining wall is one of the more common. This type of retaining wall utilizes an interlocking block system that provides a sturdy barrier that’s reinforced by mother nature. The garden retaining wall, previously discussed in the last article, is one of the uses for this type of retaining wall construction. This article we will discuss in greater detail the techniques used by Alex’s Construction when building a gravity retaining wall.

Laying a Firm Foundation

One of the things that is commonly seen in gravity retaining wall construction in Oklahoma City is known as “blowout”. This is when they retaining wall has not been properly constructed from the base up. When constructing a gravity retaining wall you need to consider the long term construction rather than the immediate aesthetics. Many box stores that sell garden stones, for use in retaining wall construction, give you “how-to” instructions that tell you to simply compact down the base; this quick way of putting the stones down will not allow for proper drainage through the foundation of the wall.

Alex’s Construction has developed professional level techniques that will allow us to create a retaining wall that will not only be functional, but look great as well. By utilizing a thick level of gravel base, leveled under the retaining wall, it allows us to create a foundation that will allow for additional drainage; as well as providing additional strength to their overall structure. All of the gravity retaining wall construction that we perform in the Oklahoma City area have been designed to last for many years to come.

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Proper Drainage Is Key

Another common mistake that we see with DIY retaining wall projects in Oklahoma City is when appropriate drainage is not built into the design and construction of the retaining wall. Depending on the size and height of the retaining wall, hydrostatic pressure can build behind the wall causing the retaining wall structure to lift and separate. When this happens, a blowout is inevitable; as the basic structure of the wall has been lost. By creating a drainage system as part of the design and construction of the retaining wall it allows for the additional water produced from rain, sprinklers and the general watering of the plants to be properly distributed away and down rather than causing the soil to lift up.

The professional drainage systems that Alex’s Construction utilizes in its retaining wall construction allows for the proper drainage of water even in the greatest of storms. This drainage, combined with the solid construction of the gravity retaining wall, will help ensure that your professionally installed retaining wall lasts for years to come.

Consider the Landscape

Take time to think about how you want your retaining wall structure to layout. The experts at Alex’s Construction in the Oklahoma City area can help provide you with different ideas to make sure that your to retaining wall not only is functional, but looks great as well. Some cases it may be better to run a two or three tiered system based upon the elevation and pitch; other times a single tall wall might be best, so that you have a larger square footage area for planting. We can also incorporate steps and hardscape features into the build as well, such as fountains, paver patio or run electrical for lighting systems.

Trust Experience for your Retaining Wall Construction

The experts at Alex’s Construction have been serving the Oklahoma City area for years. Our professional construction techniques have been developed through years of dedicated service to our community. Whether you are needing a retaining wall built, driveway poured, decorative paver stones installed or other concrete related services; we handle each and every project as if it was our very own.