How Much Should a Professional Concrete Construction Service Charge?

Posted on Saturday, October 21 2017 in Money Saving Tips

The old adage of “You get what you pay for” perhaps was perfectly coined for professional Concrete Construction services. Of any, in the service industry, that this might hold true for; Concrete Construction services perhaps fits this adage the best.

As we have previously mentioned, all you need to do is open the phone book or do a Google search to find dozens of companies or individuals in the Oklahoma City area offering professional Concrete Construction services however, when you call these different services you quickly find out that there is a huge range of prices that are being provided for essentially the same services.

To better answer the question of how much you should pay for a professional Concrete Construction project such as: driveways, patios, concrete staining and retention wall installation; let’s analyze what goes into the charges vs. the outcome.

Selecting a Professional Concrete Construction Company

When considering a professional concrete construction service, it’s important to get to know the company that you’re going to select prior to signing a contract. This is a service that you will be bringing into your Oklahoma City area home, often without supervision, so it is important to make sure that you are hiring a professional construction service that you can trust.

Here’s a few questions that you might want to look into:

  • How long has the professional concrete construction service been in business?
  • Do they have a screening process for their employees to include drug and criminal background checks?
  • Do they use top-quality materials for their projects?
  • Are they locally owned and operated or a national chain?
  • Are they licensed and insured for your protection and theirs?
  • Do they use high-pressure sales personnel or does the owner participate in estimates?
  • Do they have a warranty or guarantee on products and workmanship?

A Professional Concrete Construction Company Expenses

With any business in the Oklahoma City area, overhead is one of the main factors that determine the cost for a product or service. For the professional Concrete Construction industry, companies must compensate for business expenses such as advertising, wages, benefits, transportation, materials and equipment; not to mention proper state/ local licenses and being properly insured.

Companies that have less overhead can naturally charge, at times, less for their services… But then this is where the adage comes in “you get what you pay for”. Companies that skimp in these various areas mean that you’re not getting the best products or services to offset what you’re paying for.

For example: A Concrete Construction company that would choose not to be properly licensed and insured would mean that they can charge less, because they have less overhead. However, if something should be damaged during your concrete project such as: driveways, patios, concrete staining and retaining wall installation due to inappropriate materials, carelessness or negligence of their employees… YOU are left with little to no recourse.

Price vs. Expectations

One thing that has been discovered in the professional Concrete Construction industry for the Oklahoma City area is that there is a level of expectation that is perceived for Concrete Construction services rendered. This means that services that you hire to have done, you hold at a higher standard than services you would normally do yourself.

It is this very reason that professional Concrete Construction services may take twice as long to do a task that might be perceived as simple. This is because a professional Concrete Construction service knows that most customers will be giving them the “white glove” test; therefore, everything must be perfect.

It is also why professional concrete services such as Alex’s construction service will insist on a walk-through with the customer upon completion. This is to make sure they you are 100% satisfied before they leave, and why they offer a workmanship guarantee if something should be discovered within the guarantee period.

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How Much Should a Professional Concrete Construction Service Charge?

Note the wording: professional. Comparisons that are made are from the viewpoint of a professional Concrete Construction service where they are properly compensating employees, using quality materials and are properly licensed and insured.

Most professional Concrete Construction companies will charge based upon the project. Professional Concrete Construction services typically calculate prices by one of three ways:

By the project

By the square foot

or combination of the two depending on the project

Some projects can be calculated based upon a [menu price rate x square footage = total price]. This equation allows for a competitive rate that only fluctuates based upon the size of the project. A driveway or sidewalk project would fall into this category.

Other times pricing must be determined based upon the projects needs such as a paver patio project. Because a paver patio process requires detailed measurements, specific materials that fluctuate in price and the overall design aesthetic that the client is looking for; a specific estimate would need to be calculated.

Alex’s Construction Company workmanship, a Time Honored Tradition.

There are so many concrete construction contractors in the Oklahoma City marketplace today that are not craftsmen, but more of an assembler. There handyman services can assemble store-bought materials and give the initial presentation of workmanship, but the true level of craftsmanship has not been demonstrated. Being able to create something beautiful from a a few bags of concrete with no instructions; is a level of craftsmanship seldom seen today. Alex’s Construction Company is pleased to have top-quality craftsmen and masonry experts that can take a vision of elegance and make it a reality.

This time honored tradition of hand tooled craftsmanship will not only give your construction company project a unique presentation but will also outlast any store-bought product.