How to choose the right concrete company in Oklahoma City

Posted on Monday, March 20 2017 in Alex’s Construction News

Are you needing to have a driveway redone, retaining wall constructed or basement concrete stained? Great! However, opening the phone book, you immediately are overwhelmed with hundreds of concrete and construction services that all say that they’re the best. So who really is the best? You could interview dozens of professional concrete contractors until you got that “glimmer” that told you that this was the right one for you; or could follow these simple steps to help make the right selection of a concrete construction company in Oklahoma City a little easier.

Check out their website.

While this is not a deal breaker for choosing a concrete contractor in the Oklahoma City area, it can give you some insight on their best business practices. Their concrete contractor service website should contain information about the services that they offer in the Oklahoma City area as well as customer reviews and background information on the company. Look for subtle things that let you know that this concrete construction service has been in business long enough to develop the reputation they’re bragging about. You should also look at the concrete construction service website presentation as well; if they’re not willing to present their workmanship in an attractive presentation online… it does give a little glimpse into how they do business behind scenes. If they’re willing to cut corners on something as simple as a website… they will probably want to cut corners on expenses for your concrete construction service as well.

Reviews, reviews, reviews!

Part of today’s culture is the acceptance that reviews of a concrete contractor in the Oklahoma City area is a necessary part of business. A reputable professional concrete contractor in Oklahoma City will not shy away from reviews but rather will encourage them on their website as well as other internet services such as Google+, Angie’s list, Home Advisor and Yelp. There are so many concrete contractors in the Oklahoma City area that avoid the review process fearing that they may receive a bad review, but an honest company encourages an honest review. If a bad review is there, look for the explanation; sometimes the issue is not necessarily the workmanship, but rather the communication or expectations of the concrete contractor. Which brings us to our next point:

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Make sure to ask questions!

Some of the largest disagreements between a concrete construction company and customers is where a customer did not ask the right questions. Now this doesn’t mean that the customer is solely at fault… oh, Nay Nay; but the more educated you are about the concrete contractor service process, materials used, code regulations and guarantees the happier you will be with the final repair or installation. So many concrete contractor service contractors in the Oklahoma City area simply identify to their customers the final product without a lot of information, so make sure that you’ve written down some questions to ask so that there are no surprises when the bill comes.

Be sure they are licensed, bonded and insured!

So many concrete contractors in the Oklahoma City area are out representing themselves as a professional concrete construction service, but have not taken the time to protect your investment, and the reputation of their company by becoming properly licensed bonded and insured. While there are certifications necessary to become a professional concrete contractor, these certifications do not protect you in the event that an incident should occur. Being sure that you have a concrete construction company that is taken the proper steps to become properly licensed bonded and insured for the Oklahoma City market means that your hiring a company that cares about its reputation and integrity within the Oklahoma City community.

When Experience Matters

Alex’s Construction Service is a concrete contractor providing concrete services to the Oklahoma City area. Our years of experience in the concrete construction industry has taught us that having a business that is successful means more than just being a good concrete contractor, but it takes being a good company as well. Starting with the first phone call made to Alex’s Construction Service you will find that you contacted the company that cares about its reputation within the Oklahoma City community. Customer service and integrity are the first standards to establish a quality workmanship and long-term relationship with the great residents of Oklahoma City. When experience matters, be sure to contact Alex’s Construction Service … your hometown professional concrete contractor service.