How to get better yard drainage

Posted on Friday, May 5 2017 in Alex’s Construction News

As we are right in the middle of rainy season here in the Oklahoma City area, we often see an increase of customers dealing with standing water in their yard. Standing water troubles may stem from excessive rain water runoff, depressions that developed in the soil or changes to the landscape which may be blocking the natural flow of water off the property. Regardless of the reason why standing water can attract mosquitoes, kill the grass and make an otherwise beautiful yard and eyesore. Alex’s Construction Service has years of experience dealing with these types of issues, becoming the trusted source for solutions that fit your budget. Check out these useful tips and information on how to decrease or eliminate standing water in your Oklahoma City yard.

Where’s the water coming from?

As simple as this may sound it is wise to determine whether the standing water is a result of rainwater coming down through the gutters, lack of gutters or runoff into the lower portions of the yard. Once you determine the source of the problem you can begin to craft a solution. Store-bought options available at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s might be:

Gutter extensions
Water channeling stones
Gravel aggregate to help disperse the water

However, all of these options can be rather unsightly to your nicely landscaped Oklahoma City home.
A better option for proper drainage

One of the areas that Alex’s Construction Service specializes in, for the Oklahoma City area, is the installation of French Drainage Systems. This type of system will allow to the proper dispersion of the water off your property without the unsightly appearance of pipes and extensions.

The technology for a French Drain is actually quite simple; it is an underground pipe with perforated holes that allows you to direct and channel the water dispersing it at the saturation level along the way. The true skill for a French drain installation comes from the experience level of the installer. French drains only work when they are properly routed as to collect, channel and disperse. Many DIY homeowners will often take the time to dig the channel and put in the drain with no thought as to its routing leaving them with the same problem. By taking into account the lay of the land, amount of water anticipated and saturation points we can properly route the French drain so that will handle water dispersing even from the heaviest rains.

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Water in your basement?

A French drainage system installed by Alex’s Construction Service is the perfect choice to help with water issues in your Oklahoma City basement. Due to landscaping, lay of the land, elevation and general home builds, many Oklahoma City area homes have trouble with water coming into their basement during heavy rain.

Over a period of time water can begin to break down the foundation for the home, cause mold and mildew buildup making the basement unusable. By installing a French drainage system around the foundation of the home it allows water to be redirected from the basement walls you can help to significantly decrease water intrusion into your basement. Depending on how the basement walls were constructed, the amount of deterioration and condition of the foundation: additional methods may be necessary however, by eliminating the water buildup on the outside of your basement walls is a significant and necessary first step to make your basement usable again.

Your local Oklahoma City French drain installation experts

Alex’s Construction Service specializes in the design, construction and installation of French Drainage Systems for the Oklahoma City area. The French drainage systems that are installed are backed by years of knowledge in the Oklahoma City landscape taking into account many of the common problems seen in this particular area. Be sure to ask about the other services that Alex’s Construction Service can help with to provide a unique, useful and effective landscape for your Oklahoma City home. From paving stones and retaining walls to stained and stamped concrete driveways Alex’s Construction Service can help make your Oklahoma City house into a home.