So you want to start a construction company in the Oklahoma City area?

Posted on Sunday, October 1 2017 in Concrete Projects

Thinking about getting into the concrete construction industry? There’s more to it than just having rugged good looks and a great personality, it takes a focused mindset with a heart towards customer service before you lay the first concrete block if you expect to succeed in this industry.

In the concrete construction industry, which includes services such as: driveways, retaining walls, patios, concrete staining, stamped concrete and more; it is not as much as how many new concrete construction companies start up every year… as it is how many are going out of business.

This industry (according to various internet searches, articles and statistical quotes) sees 40% of concrete contractors failing in the first year of business, 70% fail by their 5th year; leaving only 6% of reported construction company start-ups to survive over 10 years. You might think that they just gave it a good run… but what of the impact of leaving all those customers with worthless warranties?

To make it in this industry as long as Alex’s Construction Company has, serving the great residents in, and around the Oklahoma City area for so many years; it not only takes a process of dedication and knowledge to achieve the standards of this industry; you must be willing to set the high standard.

In this article we will address some of the mainstays of the concrete construction industry as well as the key elements that has made Alex’s Construction Company well known to the citizens of the Oklahoma City area.

NOTE FROM THE OWNER: There are a series of skills that are necessary for a successful concrete construction business in the Oklahoma City area. While some contractors excel in certain areas, it is important to constantly push yourself to excel in all areas of this industry. With the design trends changing, housing markets fluctuating and the media constantly pushing green technology; it is important to be every willing to learn new things, without giving up the time honored craftsmanship that this industry is known for.
General Contractor vs. Concrete Construction Company

A large failure of the concrete construction and remodeling industry is when so many general contractors try to set themselves up as a full service concrete construction company. In doing so they misrepresent themselves and what it truly means to have an “all under one roof” service.

A general contractor constantly takes a risk that the companies that he hires to complete the many different tasks of a concrete construction project; actually will give their best effort. (after all it’s not THEIR name on the line). Plus trying to get labor and material warranties worked out can become a blame game nightmare for the home owner.

True concrete construction companies like Alex’s Construction Company, place full control of a concrete construction project under the control of a since source; Alex, the owner. By having all concrete contractors working for and under the same company sees them more apt to meet or exceed company standards, because as a team; THEY ARE what keeps the reputation of the company solid.

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Concrete Construction Contractors Need to put Customers First

Working with people is the first step of becoming a successful concrete construction contractor for the Oklahoma City area.

If you are not able to work with customers, exceed their expectations, understand their concerns and put yourself in their shoes; it will be very difficult to earn their trust and repeat business.

Often times concrete construction contractors will like to talk above the customer, using technical industry terms that most customers would not understand.

While this practice is common, it does not build a good customer relations. The concrete construction contractor is the expert; part of your job is to explain the concrete construction process in such a way that your customer will FEEL like a concrete construction expert too.

This level of customer service builds a level of trust and understanding that will see your customers sharing your information with their friends and family members in the Oklahoma City area.

Concrete Construction Contractors Needs to be a Jack of All Trades

A concrete construction contractor needs to make sure that he is adequately trained and skilled in a variety of different areas: carpentry, masonry, general construction, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, flooring, roofing… the list goes on. As within different concrete construction projects, such as retaining walls, patios and driveways the need to work with these other areas may indeed be necessary.

While it is true that principles of these concrete construction disciplines can be taught; it is also true that it takes a mechanical mindset to be properly understood. Let’s face it, you either have it or you don’t; schools and training courses can teach the basic principles of the how each of these principles work however, it takes that mechanical mindset to understand how it all works together.

Part of a successful concrete construction company in the Oklahoma City area is also being current with the latest technology for both installation and materials. Many programs are available that would allow the concrete construction contractor to present their customer with a digital impression of what their concrete construction project will look like. While this powerful software can take your business to the next level; it cannot replace experience. Your customer needs to know that they’ve invested in a company that has experience in the various areas of their concrete construction project that will help put what they see on the computer screen into reality.

Concrete Construction Contractors Need Time Management Skills

A good concrete construction contractor in the Oklahoma City area should be able to effectively manage their schedule to be best productive for their employees and for their customers. Showing up on time has high marks to many customers; identifying respect, but it goes further than that. Because the Oklahoma City area is a constantly changing, diverse and growing market; a successful concrete construction company may find themselves with dozens of projects to complete within a specific amount of time. Being able to balance your time correctly, making sure that these jobs get done has promised; will be paramount to ensure success.

Concrete Construction Contractors need to be Properly Licensed, Bonded and Insured

A failing in the concrete construction industry is when general contractors and concrete construction companies do not take the time to be properly licensed, bonded and insured. Often the failure rate of concrete construction companies in the Oklahoma City area can be linked back to poor workmanship that led to a lawsuit that either financially wiped out the company or damaged the reputation beyond repair. By being properly licensed, bonded and insured you are letting your customer know that you’ve taken the proper steps to not only protect your own company, but their interests as well. It also means that you have been able to demonstrate to different local, state and federal agencies that you have competent contracting skills; providing your customer with some peace of mind.

Alex’s Construction Company workmanship, a Time Honored Tradition.

There are so many concrete construction contractors in the Oklahoma City marketplace today that are not craftsmen, but more of an assembler. There handyman services can assemble store-bought materials and give the initial presentation of workmanship, but the true level of craftsmanship has not been demonstrated. Being able to create something beautiful from a a few bags of concrete with no instructions; is a level of craftsmanship seldom seen today. Alex’s Construction Company is pleased to have top-quality craftsmen and masonry experts that can take a vision of elegance and make it a reality. This time honored tradition of hand tooled craftsmanship will not only give your construction company project a unique presentation but will also outlast any store-bought product.