Stamped Concrete – The Ultimate Pool Deck Makeover

Posted on Tuesday, May 16 2017 in Alex’s Construction News

Concrete Stamping services to the Oklahoma City area The deck around your pool at your Oklahoma City home is an important part of your backyard setting. This deck area can be for lounging, sunbathing, entertaining or naturally… getting in and out of the pool; the one constant, is that it’s always wet. For this reason, the deck around the pool is more prone to damage from the elements. Alex’s Construction Service specializes in Concrete Pool Deck construction and renovation: here’s some useful information to consider when thinking about the ultimate pool deck makeover.

Stamped Concrete over Wood

If you are considering how your swimming pool deck at your Oklahoma City home will look and 10, 20 or 30 years, then a stamped concrete swimming pool deck is simply the best option. Understanding the grade of the landscape leading up to the swimming pool, the professional installation services of Alex’s Construction Service can put together a level deck area that will stand the test of the elements for many years to come. Unlike wooden swimming pool decks that can warp and deteriorate over time, a professionally crafted and installed concrete swimming pool deck is simply more durable when compared to the exposure of whether elements in the Oklahoma City area. You can also choose many different patterns of stamped concrete that will also give your concrete swimming pool deck the texture and look to complement your Oklahoma City home.

Stamped Concrete Patterns

There are many different stamped concrete patterns that you can choose from, both pre-casted and custom-made, that are available to complement your Oklahoma City home. Some of the ones that we have found our most popular for swimming pool concrete decks in this area are:

Slate – This type of rock pattern is popular for use on areas common for high-traffic areas. This walking surface is almost flat providing a durable yet, attractive addition to your Oklahoma City swimming pool. When installed, stamped mats or skins are placed on top of the overlay until it imprints inlays properly for the desired slope for drainage.

Hand-carved stone – These natural stone patterns are made by manually engraving or sawing into the concrete overlay. This example of timeless workmanship gives the appearance of natural stone pavers that are sealed in place with mortar. You can also choose to have these hand-carved stone patterns stained in multiple colors to provide an endless palette of options.

Brick – Perhaps most common and traditional pattern used in the Oklahoma City area is a traditional brick pattern. As an overlay, these will outlast an actual brick patio because of the porous nature of brick as well as the loosening of the mortar causing underlying damage and loosening. When professionally installed by Alex’s Construction Service, we stamp the brick pattern giving the traditional and timeless look without the problems that are associated with an actual brick deck. Moreover, additional patterns can be utilized such as: basket weave, herringbone, European fan and more. Many Oklahoma City area customers choose to have a mixture of colors implemented to give a natural mix-and-match feel.

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Some in the industry also refer to flagstone as the ”Seamless Mat”. This particular pattern mimics that of flagstone or a flat style stone allowing a solid surface with minimal grooves. The shapes of the pattern are designed to mimic natural stone patterns with a rough cut providing a handsome look to any swimming pool concrete patio or deck.

Some things you should consider when choosing a pattern for your swimming pool patio or deck

When it comes time to choose a pattern for your concrete stamped swimming pool deck or patio, trust the experts at Alex’s Construction Service to help. Our experience designers can provide many options to help complement your Oklahoma City home as well as provide you with a durable service for years to come. When considering a concrete stamped swimming pool deck or patio, here are some things that you should consider:

  • The pattern or design, as well as the colors that you choose, should complement or match the look of the swimming pool.
  • The texture of the chosen pattern should provide enough traction to prevent slips and falls around the swimming pool, but comfortable and smooth enough for someone walking in their bare feet.
  • The texture should be easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • The grooves of the stamped concrete should not be so deep that it retains water as to avoid bacteria build up or create a slippery surface when excessively wet.

When experience counts

Alex’s Construction Service has been serving the Oklahoma City area for years as a professional concrete installation service, specializing in stamped concrete for driveways, swimming pools and decks we are well-versed in the different variables needed to provide an excellent installation with high quality materials. A locally owned and operated company you can trust that puts customer service and time honored craftsmanship together for an end result that you will be pleased to tell your friends and family about. Alex’s Construction Service prides itself on its customer satisfaction level and reputation that we hold with in the Oklahoma City community.