Tips for getting your home ready for winter in Oklahoma City

Posted on Saturday, December 10 2016 in Money Saving Tips

As the temperature starts to go down in the Oklahoma City area, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for winter. Alex’s Construction Company has been providing custom concrete & home improvement services to Oklahoma City areas for years and we have some common-sense tips for preparing your home for the colder weather to come.

Change out your screens to storm windows

Many homes in the Oklahoma City area have interchangeable screens and storm windows. While you may not be anticipating any storms, the storm windows provide an increased barrier to hold the heat inside, especially on older homes that are still using non-insulated glass windows. If your home is still utilizing wooden frames and non-insulated glass you may also want to take a few moments to put an added layer of foam or rubber to help seal off any drafts. This would also go for doors where the threshold may have become damaged or warped allowing unwanted cold air into the home. Alex’s Construction Company can assist with any home improvement services needed such as the replacement of windows and doors or damaged sills and thresholds. Because we are a full-service home-improvement company we can work any project, regardless of size.

Inspect and clean your heating system.

Most heating systems found in the Warr Acres, Bethany, The Village & Nichols Hill areas utilize a gas furnace to heat their home. It is important to inspect and clean the furnace looking for damage or corrosion in the burners or combustion chamber. This would be also a good time to change out your heating system filter (some furnace filters are in the crawlspace of the home making it difficult to reach)

One of the areas that is most often overlooked in the gas furnace of your home is the heater blower motor. As you walk over the air vents in your home, dirt and debris can fall through into the ductwork, down to the blower causing a buildup. Make sure that the blower fan is cleaned prior to starting up your heater for the first time for winter as to not have this debris cause damage to the blower fan blades. If you are uncertain about doing any of these preventative services, we highly recommend contacting a licensed and certified HVAC company to professionally inspect and maintain your heating system.

Wrap your water heater in a heating blanket

As the temperature starts to drop your water heater, if exposed to areas that do not have climate control, must work harder to maintain the temperature of the water. Purchasing a hot water heater blanket that is specifically designed to fit your water heater will help insulate the water heater in the colder temperatures. Hot water heater blankets can be purchased at most home-improvement stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot and run about $30.
Inspect and protect exposed pipes

Water spigots that protrude through to the exterior of the home are susceptible to freezing. The water in those pipes can quickly travel, like a fuse, through the rest of your cold water pipes; even in a climate controlled area. Depending on the age, location, condition and material of the pipes they can quickly rupture causing a big problem. Preventing frozen pipes due to exterior water spigots is as simple as purchasing an insulated water spigot cover from a home improvement store for about $2.
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The Little Things

Some of the little things that will come in handy for when the snow and ice come to the Edmond, Oklahoma City, Moore & Midwest City areas is bags of salt or sand for the walkways and driveways. Lay down a thin coating the night before and a second coat if needed once the ice comes. Naturally a snow shovel would be smart for the heavier accumulation of snow.

Reverse the ceiling fans in your home; this will cause the heat to be pushed back down in a confection style redistribution of the heat making it easier for the room to maintain temperatures.

Inspect the shingles on your home. Ice and water can find even the smallest cracks and damage the underlying wood and framework; much more so than rain.

Clean out the leaves and debris from your gutter systems. Good for any time of the year but adding snow to an already loaded gutter system can damage the roof lining and shingles.

Extend the gutters away from the sidewalks and driveways. Melting water that re-freezes can naturally create a slick surface if your gutters are aimed to dump out onto the sidewalks and the driveway. Gutter extensions are available at any home improvement store starting around $15.

When experience counts

Alex’s Construction Company has been providing concrete & home improvement services to the Oklahoma City area for years. Our reputation for customer service combined with industry-leading construction methods make us the best choice for your next home improvement project. Whether it’s concrete stamping services; all the way up to bathroom and kitchen remodeling, we can handle it all.