Top Outdoor Improvement Trends for 2017

Posted on Wednesday, May 24 2017 in Patios

With summer in the air it’s time to turn your attention some of the outdoor fun that the Oklahoma City area is known for. Our spring and early summer weather not only attracts visitors from all over to enjoy the wonderful landscapes and homegrown traditions; but it also means: time to enjoy the great outdoors in our own backyard!

With the popularity of custom decks and paver patios at the top of the list for outdoor improvement trends in 2017, we should look at some of the great ideas that can help put the “fun in functionality”. Alex’s Construction Service can help take your boring backyard space and transform it into a functional extension of your home.

Check out these outdoor home-improvement trends for 2017.

You can’t enjoy it if you can’t see it!

Outdoor lighting is fantastic way to showcase your outdoor patio investment as well as add a level of security to your Oklahoma City home. This is also an area where technology has been seamlessly combined with style to bring attractive lighting solutions for your home. When having a deck or paver patio professionally designed and crafted by Alex’s Construction Service for your Oklahoma City area home; adding lighting will not only help the overall aesthetic of the home, but add functionality to your backyard fun after dark.

Outdoor lighting options in the past limited you to adding floodlights to spread the light across your deck or paver patio; now with the addition of LED lighting you can not only add lighting resources throughout your backyard; but can change the light colors for different moods or settings.

Adding functionality

A popular trend for deck construction in the Oklahoma City area for 2017 is having flat, functional railing for your professionally constructed deck or paver patio. The importance of having railing on a raised deck has long been a key part of deck construction however, by adding a flat rail to the top you can add functionality to your fun. Flat railing can be used for decorations such as pots for flowers, candles and decorative jars; it also creates a great place to rest your food and beverage when entertaining outdoor guests. Be sure to mention this useful tip to your Alex’s Construction Service project designer when discussing best uses for your new custom deck or paver patio.

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Let’s get Cooking!

When Alex’s Construction Service says: they can help put “fun into functionality”… we mean it! With the advantage of being one of the Oklahoma City area’s choice instruction services means we can help take your outdoor living area to the next level of functionality.

Adding a fully functional kitchen unit to your custom deck or paver patio will not only add usefulness, but will keep that back door closed from all the back and forth between the indoor kitchen and the deck. Forget about that old traditional barbecue grill and consider a full outdoor kitchen that would allow you to entertain without the strain!

Storage, yes storage

A big problem that often comes with decks and paver patio’s is the need for additional storage. As more items are brought out for backyard entertaining these items need a convenient place to be stored as to not clutter up the landscape and ruin the beautiful look of your Oklahoma City area home. Long considered the only solution, adding a shed or two to your backyard seem to be the way to go, but sheds can sometimes restrict the view and create an eyesore in your beautiful landscaped backyard.

Creating some integrated storage for your custom deck or paver patio is a great way to “think inside the box”. If you have a raised deck, consider storage areas underneath that are protected from the elements. This will not only help keep your backyard uncluttered, but add functionality to the unused spaces underneath your deck. If you have a paver patio design think about having an “on deck” storage closet as a clever way to integrate storage. This will make commonly used items easy access to help keep the clutter off your paver patio.

Mix and Match Materials is in style for 2017

Big for 2017 for custom deck and paver patio construction is the combination of multiple materials to bring about an outdoor living experience, rather than just a deck on the back of the house. For years custom decks were just a really nice wooden structure; but now the creativity is the name of the game! The addition of different types of brick, tile, stone and slate to your custom deck can bring about a level of elegance that will not go unnoticed by your visitors to your Oklahoma City home.

When these materials are combined with the clever functionality of a kitchen, seating areas and lighted walkways; it brings your home from just having a deck out back to an actual outdoor living experience. Discuss all these great options with your Alex’s Construction Service project manager when looking at having a custom deck or paver patio installed for your Oklahoma City area home.

Time Honored Craftsmanship

Alex’s Construction Service is different than other local construction companies that you’ll find in the Oklahoma City area. We do not lean to the quick in, quick out build mindset that many home-improvement and remodeling companies have; we believe in time honored craftsmanship. One of the areas that perhaps sets us apart is the fact that all our services are performed by our own in-house craftsmen rather than hiring multiple contractors to accomplish the project. This allows us to control the quality, avoiding blame games if the project is not exactly what the customer wants. Be sure to call us today to quote your next deck or paver patio project.