What are the advantages of decorative concrete for your basement floor

Posted on Friday, November 24 2017 in Concrete Projects

With so many options that are available today when considering remodeling your basement floor it can sometimes be difficult to choose which one is right. Each floor covering has its own aesthetic and practical value, so it really does come down to personal choice, in some cases. However, when looking for something that will look great, last a long time and be light on the budget; decorative concrete can’t be beat. Let’s take a look at some advantages of decorative concrete for your Oklahoma City area home.

There is a reason why most basements in the Oklahoma City area have utilize concrete as their basement floor/foundation; it is durable and strong. Decorative Concrete can easily withstand heavy weight and pressures without being damaged by heavy furniture or foot traffic. Unlike carpet and wood floors that can be damaged by spills, furniture legs, that messes and other general uses; decorative concrete is resilient that it resists these because of its very nature.

Environmentally Friendly

Because decorative concrete is manufactured from all natural elements, decorative concrete is not a danger to the environment as laminate, vinyl or carpet can be; which are generally made from man-made materials. Even better is the fact that for most Oklahoma City area homes the concrete is already in place, ready to go. No need to cover a firm, solid foundation with problematic and expensive materials that will need to be ripped up every few years and replaced creating a greater environmental impact. If an area of concrete ever becomes damaged to the point of replacement, it can be grounded and repurposed back into the build with no impact to the environment.

Better Air Quality

Unlike carpet and other flooring types, decorative concrete does not retain debris, dust, dander and dirt particles that can accumulate over time. Allergy experts that monitor environmental conditions will tell you that homes with carpet are far more likely to create an allergy flareup due to the carpet’s ability to retain these allergens.
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Easy to Maintain

When properly sealed a decorative concrete floor for your Oklahoma City area home can be easily cleaned with simple soap and water, no need for heavy cleaning chemicals. In most cases daily mopping with a light wet mop or sweat for will usually do the trick to keep your decorative floor looking great!

Compare that to wooden floors that will need to be continually treated and can only be cleaned with specialty chemicals, laminate flooring that is very sensitive to most types of cleaners causing warping/ fading or carpet that has to be vacuumed with machines or deep cleaned with expensive to rent cleaners and chemicals.


Decorative concrete is the epitome of versatility. Nearly any pattern, design or color that you may choose for your Oklahoma City area home can be custom applied by the experts at Alex’s Construction Company.

If you have any cracks in your basement floor our craftsmen can repair those to a seamless canvas in order to create an artistic masterpiece that your neighbors will surely envy.

Alex’s Construction Company workmanship, a Time Honored Tradition.

There are so many concrete construction contractors in the Oklahoma City marketplace today that are not craftsmen, but more of an assembler. There handyman services can assemble store-bought materials and give the initial presentation of workmanship, but the true level of craftsmanship has not been demonstrated.

Being able to create something beautiful from a a few bags of concrete with no instructions; is a level of craftsmanship seldom seen today. Alex’s Construction Company is pleased to have top-quality craftsmen and masonry experts that can take a vision of elegance and make it a reality.

This time honored tradition of hand tooled craftsmanship will not only give your construction company project a unique presentation but will also outlast any store-bought product.
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