Adding Curb Appeal to your Oklahoma City Home

Posted on Monday, July 31 2017 in Money Saving Tips

If you ask any realtor in the Oklahoma City area about what key things are necessary for every home to have they will tell you that it should have: a great curb appeal, a nice looking/ functional bathroom and kitchen. These three areas will set the tone for the entire house, as well as the help dictate the price.

First impressions are key

When considering that first impression people get when visiting your Oklahoma City area home you should think “curb appeal”. The front yard design, use of colors and how they complement the home will have an impact on your home’s overall curb appeal; after all, it is the first thing someone sees when pulling in to your driveway. Having some curb appeal can also help you have that “feeling of accomplishment” every time you come home from a hard day at work.

The driveway is the way to start

When your visitor comes to your Oklahoma City home, especially one that might be considering purchasing your home, don’t ruin that first impression with a dingy, cracked driveway. With so many low-cost options available for the driveway such as concrete (painted, stained or stamped), brick, asphalt or even decorative gravel you can lay down a great look for the home. You can keep that theme going by adding a sidewalk or walkway; blending or accenting your new driveway will be sure to add curb appeal to your home.

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Professional looking landscaping

Whether you do it yourself or hire a company, professional looking landscaping can really help make your Oklahoma City area home stand out. Now, note that we said professional looking… which means taking the time to have a landscape design drawn out with a specific mindset to an end goal. Just grabbing flowers and rocks and sticking them in the front yard can end up being more of an eyesore and curb appeal. When done properly, using flowers like annuals and perennials throughout the front yard will bring instant amazing splash of color. Consider using flower boxes when flanking the entry way or under windows and perhaps planter beds as they help soften the appearance of the home. Naturally with this approach of landscaping you want to tie in all of the different elements to a particular theme or color scheme.
Retaining walls

Depending on the layout of the property utilizing block retaining walls with appropriate drainage can add dimension to your Oklahoma City home. For those yards that have a gradual or steep slope utilizing retaining walls in a step approach provides additional square footage for flowers and plants.
When Experience Matters

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